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For all size door openings
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Bondor Inflatable Enclosures are designed to seal the air space between a hospital trailer or a Lithotripter trailer and the
prepared building structure. The installation requires a continuous 12" wide flat mounting surface around the patient entrance.

After a trailer is parked in position, in front of the covered entry, the operator must deploy the inflatable seal. The seal will be
secured in fabric covers that will have to be unfastened. After the seal has been released from its covers, the operator must
position the ground sections under the trailer and turn on the air blowers to start the inflation of the seal. Air moved by the
blower inflates the seal and maintains low pressure contact with the trailer. As the seal inflates, it will be supported and guided
by trolley rails that are attached to the underside of the building canopy. The seal is attached to and suspended from trolleys
that run inside of the enclosed trolley rail by short sections of galvanized chain. The operator must loosen the draw strings and
guide the air bags into position. Once in position the air bags are kept in place by the static air pressure supplied by the air
blowers. The air blowers are to run continuously while the seal is in service.
To retract the seal, the reverse of operations are to be performed. After the air blowers have been shut off and the seal begins
to deflate, the retraction draw strings must be pulled tight by the operator. The draw strings are attached to the the support
trolleys. Tension on the draw strings will retract the air bag back toward the building and help secure it in place. After the seal
is deflated, the operator must secure the bottom ground sections and the side members in the side tie back sheathes. The
sheaths are secured with buckles and contain the ground sections and side members when the seal is not in use.
TO ORDER:  Since these seals are engineered to each specific door please contact us for pricing on
your application.
Bondor #MH 1315/4 MHT
1/3 h.p. 115/220-1-60 motor, cast aluminum housing,
galvanized weather cover (there will be 2 air blowers)
By others. (on / off toggle switch)
One piece, unitized construction delivered completely
assembled on 3/4" plywood back board. Packaged and
shipped folded flat. Opened up via hinged sections into (4)
sided unit ready for installation. Supplied with draw string
retraction system. The seal will be secured to the building
structure through integral galvanized trim / mounting edging.
Cover Material:
18 oz. vinyl coated polyester fabric. Color to be black
17'-4" wide (inside clear dimension) 19'-4" overall wide. 13'-6" high (inside clear dimension) 14'-6" overall high. 7'-0"
projection (inflated) 1'-0" approx. projection (deflated).
TO ORDER:  Since these seals are engineered to each specific door please contact us for pricing on
your application.
Bondor seal requires flush - flat surface around entrance opening. Flat surface must be 12" to 14" wider and higher than the
seal inside clear dimensions. It is understood that the building opening will be 17'-4" wide x 13'-6" high. The air blowers will be
mounted above the ceiling inside of the building addition. The blowers will be mounted to the wall above the suspended ceiling
in line with the seal back board (approximately 14'-0" above the finished floor). The blowers will be connected to the hospital
seal by an air tube that will pass through the wall and backboard of the seal head member.
The seal will be secured directly to a flat / flush surface (by others) around the building entrance opening. The "draw string"
retraction system will consist of five (5) nylon ropes that are connected to the support trolleys. The draw strings will extend
over the top of the inflated seal from back to front, and return along the bottom of the head member. The draw strings will pass
through pulleys that are attached to the header back board inside perimeter. All five (5) draw strings will be joined together at
one side of the seal allowing all five draw strings to be pulled together. Once pulled taught the draw strings will be secured to a
wall cleat.
TO ORDER:  Since these seals are engineered to each specific door please contact us for pricing on
your application.
TO ORDER:  Since these seals are engineered to each specific door please contact us for pricing on
your application.