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Bondor Manufacturing Co.

Inflatable and Foam Dock Seals - Toll free:1-800-421-0314

A Division of FS Industries, PO Box 72659 Providence, RI
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ULTRA-LITE™ - With EZ Hang Hardware

traffic doors Ultra-Lite Double Acting Traffic Doors Provide
An Extra Measure of Durability and Efficiency
In Supermarkets, Restaurants and Other
Commercial Installations.
There’s no other traffic door quite like an Ultra-Lite.
We have engineered these doors for strength, light
weight, great insulating properties and easy maintenance.
The Ultra-Lite is the only door to be constructed
exclusively from tough PVC extruded sub-frames and
ultrasonically welded 1/8 inch ABS outer coverings.
Closed cell foam within the frame provides superior
insulation. Unlike many competitive doors, the
Ultra-Lite is constructed without wood, glue, screws
or rivets.
Superior Perimeter Design for A Superior Seal
Nosing around the door’s perimeter is also extruded
PVC and is an integral part of the door structure, so
it cannot be dislodged from traffic impact. A special
slotted design allows insertion – and easy replacement
– of gaskets. Leading edge gaskets are extruded from
USDA and FDA accepted heavy duty Neoprene.
The jamb edge gasket is a strong yet lighter and more
pliable material that maintains a tight seal after many
thousands of cycles.
The Perfect Retail Door Dual Pane Windows
Ultra-Lite doors have a finished thickness of 1.75"
and are custom constructed to your retail application
within 1/8" of actual opening height and width. Ideal
for retail applications, Ultra-Lite provides smooth,
quiet, easy double acting opening motion up to 125º
in either direction so the door swings completely out
of traffic’s way – including allowance for bumper –
without overextending the hinge.
Windows feature sealed, dual pane construction to resist
condensation while maintaining clarity and insulating
properties. Panes are clear Polycarbonate mounted in
ABS frames for long-term durability.
Ultra-Lite Looks Match Ultra-Lite Performance
Designed with the retail industry in mind, the Ultra-Lite
door looks great using the clean finished appearance
of ABS facings, in a variety of colors, along with
stainless steel hinge and jamb guards. Thoughtfully
engineered jamb guards, nose and jamb seals, and
window details maintain a tidy look that compliments
your installation.
• Internal PVC frame uses no wood.
• Stainless steel EZ Hang hinge.
• Stainless steel jamb guards.
• Low maintenance EZ Hang hardware.
• Foam insulation provides high R value.
• EZ Hang hinge swings 125º in both directions.
• Unique mounting brackets simplify installation.
• Choose hinge design to suit your application.
• A choice of colors and optional facings.
• Dual pane thermal windows.
The patented stainless
steel EZ Hang hinge
provides positive
closure and permits
simple installation with
minimal maintenance.
EZ Hang Hinge System offers a proven
"offset pivot" design for easy bump-
open/gravity-close operation.
Installation is easy: simply attach the
mounting bracket and jamb guard,
then slide the door into place.

Easy to Install. Easy to Use. Easy to Maintain.
Easy Installation
An optional V-Cam hinge system offers users the
toughest traffic door hardware on the market with over
45 years of proven performance. V-Cam system is
constructed of corrosion resistant high strength cast
Meehanite hinge with a choice of 3/4" or 1 1/2"
rise action.
With EZ Hang an Ultra-Lite door can be installed in
minutes. Simply install the upper hinge bracket and lower
jamb guard. Slide the door into place and tighten two
locking bolts. Fine centering adjustments to the hinge
may be made using a screwdriver to accommodate
out-of-square openings or other variables.
The cam travels on a sealed roller
bearing and uses gravity to
positively return the door to the
closed position. For precise action
and easy installation the V-cam
hinge is factory aligned and pre-
pinned to the vertical shaft.
A Choice of Hinges
Only Ultra-Lite provides a choice of hinge designs.
Standard units include the stainless steel EZ Hang hinge
and jamb guard which now features USDA and FDA
accepted materials for food handling and corrosive
environments. EZ Hang hinge uses a proven offset pivot
design which provides positive closure and permits
simple installation and easy removal. Self-lubricating
roller bearings never require oil or grease.
The optional V-Cam is ideal for heavy-
duty installations with its unmatched
solid construction and rugged

traffic doors

traffic doors
Molded polyethylene bumpers from 12" to 48" tall.
180° door swing.
Impact panels up to 48" tall.
Single pane polycarbonate windows in 4 size choices.
Prehung in aluminum frames.
Reinforced vinyl gaskets.
optional mounting hardware
(1 1/2" rise is standard)
Where required, specify alternate rise
cam 3/4" [ ] deep seat cam [ ]
Cam hardware factory aligned and prepinned,
use mounting guide for proper installation

Order Online, by Phone, or by E-Mail

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Ultra-Lite Model: semi-rigid, insulated - for non-motorized traffic in
openings up to 8' x 8'
4' x 7'
5' x 7'
6' x 7'
7' x 7'
5' x 8'
6' x 8'
7' x 8'
8' x 8'
8' x 10'
10' x 10'
All models also include:
~ 1 3/4" thick, insulated construction
~ 14" x 16" double-glazed flush-mounted 1/8" polycarbonate
~ Full perimeter air seals
~ Offset pivot
Impact Protection*
8 3/4" high Jamb Guards: add $142/pr.
* Call us for larger windows/higher bumpers

Specifications: 1 3/4" insulated, Semi-flexible Order Number: __________
Date: ___/___/___
traffic doors
Sold To: __________________________
Job Name: __________________________
Ship Week of: ____/____/____
Quantity: ______________ Pair / Single
Net Opening: _____" Wide    _____" High
Black, Cloud Gray, Charcoal Gray, Cadet Blue, Cocoa, Chocolate, Beige, Red, Burgundy, White,
Royal Blue, Green
24" Wide 42" Wide
[     ] [     ] 12" High
[     ] [     ] 18" High
[     ] [     ] 24" High
[     ] [     ] 36" High
[     ] [     ] 48" High
[     ] Vinyl ___" High
[     ]
ABS ___" High
[     ] 18 ga. Stainless Steel ___" High
8 3/4" High Stainless Steel Jamb Guard is
standard with EZ Hang Hinge
[     ] Combo Bottom Bearing/Jamb Guard
[     ] Standard Bottom Bearing
traffic doors WINDOW SIZES (Dual Pane)
14" x 16" is standard
[     ] 7" x 10"
[     ] 11 1/2" x 15 1/2"
[     ] 14" x 16"
[     ] 16" x 18"
[     ] 24" x 24"
Full Perimeter Gasketing is standard
[     ] Jamb & Header Seal Only
V-CAM OPTION (In Place of EZ Hang Hinge)
[     ] 3/4" Rise 90° x 90°
[     ] Aluminum Frame
Build rough opening 1 1/4" wider and 5/8"
taller than doors to accommodate frames.
[     ] 2" x 6" Tubular Steel Frame, KD
Build rough opening 4 1/2" wider and 2 1/4"
taller than doors to accommodate frames.
EZ Hang hinge requires a minimum double 2x4
wood jamb.
V-Cam hinge requires a minimum 6" wide x
5/16" thick steel channel jamb.
Ultra-Lite, Door, Doors, Impact Doors, Impact Traffic Door, Impacdor, Insect Barrier, Flap-R-Door, Hatchery Door, Rubbair Doors, and Traffic Doors from your source for material handling equipment.